Characters Under Development

Main Characters

Base Info


Interesting and Unique Traits and background

General Contractor

Male in late 30’s

Has own business

Single, never married


Fit, Christian,

Successful business

 Generally calm but with strong communications, ascertive but kind. Used to getting his way. First born traits.

Advertising Agency Owner


Female, work-aholic

Very creative and a perfectionist. 30 and single


Quick thinker, motivated,

Likes action but still conservative, does not mind seeing others in hair raising predicaments.

Helicopter pilot

Male, mid 30’s

Adrenaline junky

Love’s Gods country

But is a non-believer

Rice Rocket Rider


 Erratic and pointed,

Care free acitions

Interested in Advertising Owner but not politely.

Ski resort area manager

Female, raised in the industry. Mid 30’s


Fun loving, but very able to stay focused and strong minded, quick thinker

Business minded to impress, Father chairman of the resorts corporation


Male, Married with wife as attorney as well. Challenge each other competitively.

Both very opinionated and competitive.

Spiritual fight to allow God to lead in marriage. Hummer and satire

Real Estate Broker

Female, 50s, outgoing, eager ot learn and do.

Friendly and kind, loves people.

Will go out of her way to help and be informed. Able to bring perspective and information to scenerios

Hotel Owner


Male, Hispanic in mid-40’s, loves prophecy, comedian and loves joking around with end times scenarios.

Married with large family.

Strong father type, commitment driven,

Has humer and laughter in the way he views life.

Family very important with wife an d children. Likes to spread the info of end times to have fun with people.



50 year old male, married. Acts like a Professor. Enthusiastic about God given ideas


High energy all the time, excited about most things, tasking and quick thinker

Like to share what he is up to. Inventions etc.

Coast Guard Chaplain

Male 45 year old. Married

Helps out Aux for lake of things to do

Under review

Under review

Communications Company Manager


Runs successful CLEC state of NV

Support for advertising purposes





High School Teacher

Outdoor Sports enthusiast

Loves teaching, happy, helpful but strong with students for respect of position

Open to share to Gospel and runs into trouble with school district on religion. Knows historical information on this country and education. ( Godly )


Highway Patrol or Sherriff



Structured, calm, kind streak

Clean freak, vey organized





 Supporting Characters

       Base Info



Chief of Coast Guard Station

      Male mid 30’s




Crew Member of Station


   Female 20 years old



Highway Patrol








Lawyers Wife




Hotel Owners Wife





Key Characters of the first 6 episodes of the show:

- General Contractor

- High School Teacher

- Hotel Owner

- Attorney

- Towing Company Owner

- Ski/Resort Area Manager

- Real Estate Broker

- Air Adventures - Pilot/Owner

- Advertising Agency Owner

- Communications Company Owner

- Inventor

- Motivational Speaker (History Expert)



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